What is Rù?

A healthy, functional alternative to the Asian drinks you know and love. Our drinks are made with premium ingredients, functional vitamins, and with no added sugar.

What does Rù mean?

Rù is a word that means enter in Chinese. We often find that food and beverage is most people’s entryway into discovering and learning more about different cultures.  We hope that our drinks can provide an entryway to allow our consumers to explore the world through our products. ​

Is Rù a minority-owned business?

Yes! Our founder, Shuni Liu, was born in Beijing but bred in Philadelphia.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Over 50% of our key product ingredients are sourced from Asia and the rest are from the United States.  We keep this to balance our supply chain needs and ensure we have key ingredients to deliver authentic flavors.

Does it contain caffeine?

Our Lychee Green Tea contains 35 mg of caffeine and our Thai Tea with Mint and Lime contains 50 mg of caffeine. Our Chrysanthemum tea contains no caffeine and is a great option for those of us who are caffeine - sensitive.

are all drinks vegan and gluten free?

Yes! All of our drinks are vegan and gluten free.

Are there known allergens?

If you’re allergic to daisies or ragweed, you might also be allergic to chrysanthemum. Definitely stop consuming it if you have a reaction like a skin rash or respiratory irritation.
Some chrysanthemum products may interact with prescription medicines. If you are taking prescription medicines, ask your doctor before you start using any chrysanthemum goods.

How long will my product last?

Our products have a shelf life of one year for maximum refreshing taste.  If you are curious about the specific shelf life left on your product, please email us for more detailed information!

Does the product need to be refrigerated?

Although our products do not need to be refrigerated until opened from a health and safety perspective, they are best enjoyed cold.  So, pour over ice or refrigerate for that ooo ahhh amazing taste!

What sweeteners do you use?

We use Monk fruit extract with Erythritol in all of our beverages.  Monk fruit is a natural fruit that is native to China and Thailand. The fruit has delicious sweetness without the synthetic taste of artificial sweeteners, which is why we chose it for our drinks. 

Is Rù healthy?

We at Rù carefully source our ingredients to provide you with a healthier Asian-inspired beverage. All our products are made using real tea and fruit, no added sugar, and all natural ingredients. We’re also gluten-free and vegan with a fraction of the sugar and calories of what you see in other drinks.

Where can I find Rù?

Right here! The easiest way to get Rù is to order our drinks on our website. You can also subscribe & save, and get regular refills at your door! That said, we’re in select stores in the New York and Philadelphia area soon!


We are so sorry about this. Please email us at hello@eatdrinkru.com with a picture of the product within 30 days of ordering for a full refund or new delivery.

What happens if I don't like Rù?

Hey, no hard feelings. We all have different tastes and we get that we may not be for everyone. Unfortunately, we are a start-up and cannot provide refunds for cases that have been opened. If you wish to return an unopened case, please email us within 30 days of your purchase at hello@eatdrinkru.com for instructions.

Can I drink Rù while pregnant or breastfeeding?

You should consult your healthcare provider before consuming Rù. Additionally, you can access our ingredient and nutritional information on our product pages.