ru drink founders Shuni Liu and Alli Li

About us

Rù means “to enter” in Chinese. For me, the entryway into my Asian heritage began at a very early age with a deep love for food and beverages. It was a way of bringing my family together and connecting to tradition. I created Rù to make the under-represented Asian flavors I grew up loving available for all to enjoy. I invite you to enter the world of Rù and experience for yourself these delicious flavors with a healthy, functional twist.

sketch of ramen bowl


Here at Rù we’ve made a commitment to authentic, traditional flavors with better-for-you ingredients.  Without compromising on flavor, we’ve worked hard to make our drink as healthy as possible by using high quality ingredients, natural sugar alternatives, and no preservatives.  Additionally, we infused our drinks with vitamins to meet your daily immunity goals for a functional boost!  Although it took a lot of trial and error (evidence above), we wanted to create drinks that our customers would want to drink guilt-free all day every day. Whether you are an immigrant like me who grew up with these flavors, or just someone who wants to try something new, we hope that our products will provide an “entryway” to great memories, different cultures, and delicious flavors. We can't wait to be a part of your daily routine!


As a team passionate about social impact, we will be donating 2% of our profits towards local charities. As a minority owned and operated business, we are committed to taking care of our communities and our planet.